2017.04.11 • Square Pushing Simulator 2017

this is a game where you are a square and you try to push your friend, who is also a square. download the zip file and extract it, then open the jar file.

2017.04.07 • PopOff

this is a ripoff of the game Clonium from an Android game pack called BGC. just run the jar file.


2017.10.09 • youtube

where all the videos go

2017.10.09 • soundcloud

where all the music goes

2017.10.09 • twitter

i post jokes here sometimes. or non-jokes

2017.10.09 • instagram

there are no posts here yet but this is where sneak peeks and assorted other images will go

2017.10.09 •

this is my email address

2017.10.09 • bio

this whole website is my bio but i summed it up concisely here


2019.05.09 • oddities

the internet is a strange place.

2019.02.13 • notes

assorted notes from june 2016 to february 2019

2017.10.09 • goodnight

this is a one-act play about people and the end times. it's set in the year 2012.